June 1, 2023

Launching a Card Issuing Program with GiveCard

Colin Guan

Head of Partnerships

GiveCard offers an out-of-the-box card issuing program. We believe that for everyday companies, card issuing should be instantly accessible and affordable rather than being heavily customizable. GiveCard makes card issuing as simple as possible, with a no-code solution (or super simple APIs if that’s your jam) to launch a program in just a few minutes. With 24/7 fraud monitoring and cardholder support, it takes all the fintech burden off of you so you can focus on getting money where it matters.

So how does it work?

1) Fill out our onboarding form

All we need is your business’s name, business address, employee identification number (EIN) and the personal info of a primary authorized user! The form takes 5-10 minutes to fill out and we use it to verify you as an organization as part of our partner bank's regulatory requirements.

2) Order cards

For physical cards, decide if you’d like to ship directly to card recipients or bulk ship cards to your office. Plan for 5–7 business days for standard delivery. For virtual cards, you caninput the emails of recipients for immediate delivery.

3) Fund your GiveCard account

We open a funding account just for your organization, and provide you with ACH details to send funds to this account. This is the pool of money you'll load cards from, and you can get transfer details directly from your GiveCard portal. Reporting is also available to track all of your deposits. Alternative transfer methods to ACH are available upon request.

4) Load cards

Cards are loaded instantly. Just select all of the cards you want to load (you can load thousands at a time), pick an amount, and the funds will be available for spending immediately. You can also set up automated loads that will activate on a schedule.

5) Track spending

View transaction trends and data on how your cards are being used in the Reports Dashboard. All raw data can also be exported.

That’s it! You’re on your way to magical money movement.

Bonus stuff

Now that you're live, want to customize your card program further? Here are some options:

-Add restrictions on where your cards can be used

-Create multiple “programs” to keep grants or fund sources separate in their own funding accounts and organize cards.

-Add tags to cards

-Add Custom card art

-Integrate with other applications like Quickbooks through our App Store!

The power of straightforward card issuing programs can be revolutionary for everyday companies. Get started by emailing colin@givecard.io or check out GiveCard at www.givecard.io.