Giving hope, one debit card at a time.

Join us in harnessing technology to support one of the most vulnerable populations.

Our Mission

We’re a nonprofit organization giving specialized debit cards, digital donation systems and revolutionary financial planning to the homeless.

How it Works

for donors

Encounter a partnered individual in-person or through our discovery section
Give directly to their GiveCard through our online donation system
Receive updates on how the individual spent your donation and on their progress

for recipients

Enroll by referral from one of our partnered shelters and receive their GiveCard
Meet their financial specialist weekly to work towards savings goals
Receive donations to put towards savings goals and to meet daily needs

Controlled Spending

Our debit cards block the purchase of alcohol and negative goods so you you don't have to worry about misspent donations.

Incentivized Savings

Our system gives our cardholders financial rewards for meeting their savings goals and encourages positive financial habits.

Designed to Uplift

Cardholders take part in financial planning schemes so donations don't just sustain them in homelessness, but uplift them from it.

Made for Humans

Dignity is a pillar of what we do, and our whole program is built with people in mind to truly empower.


We work closely with local homeless shelters to ensure the program is having the greatest impact possible.

Network for Good

We work with other aligned organizations so that our participants have even more resources, like help finding a house or a job.

Keep in the loop!

We send bi-weekly emails with updates on our progress and what we are up to.