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Guaranteed Income

Cities running guaranteed income pilots use GiveCard to quickly distribute funds that automatically top up monthly.

Enhancing Equity

Nonprofits use GiveCard to provide direct cash support to people in marginalized communities.

Employee Payroll

Employers use GiveCard to provide fee-free payroll to unbanked employees, saving them check-cashing fees.

Promoting Healthcare

Hospitals distribute GiveCards programmed to enable community members to purchase  medication from pharmacies.

Financial Literacy

Financial education programs use GiveCard to give out stipends and leverage transaction reports to enable tailored financial coaching.

Accessible Nutrition

Community centers use GiveCard to distribute grocery support, enabling members to purchase healthy, fresh produce.

Housing Stability

Shelters provide guests with recurring stipends, helping cover essential phone bills and application costs for housing.

Employee Wellness

Employers use GiveCard to provide mental health and fitness support and invest in their team's longevity.

Something Else?

These are just a few of the endless things you can do with GiveCard. Schedule a call below to custom tailor your program.
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The Dashboard

Your program, done your way. No code required

Order 1000 cards. Load every card you issued in a particular city. Generate a report of every transaction cardholders made last week. Restrict cards to work only at certain vendors. Schedule cards to be loaded automatically at the start of every month. Any way you want to design it, the dashboard makes your card program happen in just a few clicks.

Robust APIs

Plug GiveCard into your codebase for immense control with powerful snippets.

Build your own dashboards, issue cards from internal applications, and receive event notification webhooks. All of GiveCard’s power, shaped by your team.


Thousands of applications you can just plug GiveCard into

Load cards straight from Salesforce. Generate a transaction report through a Slackbot. Automatically fill a Google Sheet with every load. Do employee payroll over cards straight from Gusto. The power of GiveCard’s platform, wherever you work.

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