November 11, 2023

10 Reasons to Ditch Giftcards for GiveCards

Erin Berg

Lead Engineer

Gift cards have been a popular choice for years as a method to give money to anyone– for incentives, rewards, assistance, benefits– but GiveCard has found a better way. Enter GiveCards — reloadable, secure cards with no fees for cardholders with an easy to use online platform to track card loads & spending. The company has taken the concept of easily giving money to a whole new level, offering advantages that make them the best choice for giving and receiving. In this article, I’m here to offer ten compelling reasons why you should consider ditching traditional gift cards and gift money over GiveCards.

In short, a potential revolution

1. Choice for the recipient.

With GiveCard, recipients are empowered to choose what to use money on. Providing a card to help with groceries? Why give a giftcard for a single grocery store chain when you could allow recipients to use at the grocery store most convenient to them? By adding a card restriction to the cards you give, you can ensure funds are only spent at grocery stores. Speaking of choice, GiveCards can be added to Apple Pay, Google Pay, and used at ATMs if you enable it to allow cardholders to pay in the method most convenient for them.

2. Easy distribution.

Ship the GiveCard (for free!) directly to the recipient, GiveCards in bulk to your office, or to receive the card in seconds email an eGiveCard straight to the recipient’s inbox!

3. Reloadable.

GiveCards can be reloaded with any amount instantly from the dashboard. Giving a reward that recurs? No need to waste time & costs of getting them another gift card, simply reload their card in seconds.

4. Visibility into how funds are being spent.

Reporting tools on the GiveCard platform allow you insight into how the funds you give are being spent.

5. Eliminate Fraud.

Recipient misplaced the card? Those funds are not lost with GiveCard. The recipient can lock the card through the platform, or by calling support if it’s lost or stolen. GiveCard also has 24/7 fraud monitoring.

6. Recover lost funds.

Recipient lost the card? You can immediately pull the money off the GiveCard back to your business via the GiveCard Platform and replace their card (for free!), rather than losing those funds.

7. No Support Burden.

GiveCard has live support for cardholders via call, text, and email. Have you ever gotten a giftcard, waited on hold with support only to never get through and end up wasting the funds? Cardholder support is easy to reach, available in multiple languages, and is trauma-informed for giftcards going to vulnerable populations.

8. No fees for recipients.

Unlike Visa that charges high fees on gift cards ($6 on a one time $500 gift card), you can load thousands of dollars onto cards while only paying GiveCard’s platform fee.

9. Any unused funds can be returned to you.

Say you only gave the card to a user for a short period of time and they didn’t spend all of the money? Simply pull it back into your funding account so it doesn’t go to waste.

10. All your money transfer needs in one place.

Reduce tools you use to move money to just one. Combine all cash assistance programs, employee reward programs, and ways you give out money in one dashboard. GiveCard also integrates into your CRM, so you can order and load cards from programs like Salesforce or Slack!

GiveCards have revolutionized the way we think about giving money. GiveCard is saving customers time with its one-stop-shop platform for card ordering, reloading, and reporting, and saving customers resources, by allowing businesses to reclaim unused funds, preventing fraud, and offering free cardholder support. Choice of where to spend the gift, how to use the card (virtual or physical), and live support makes GiveCards a top choice for recipients. So why stick with traditional gift cards when you can embrace the future of gifting with GiveCards?

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