August 1, 2023

Empowering Women in Crisis Through Agile Giving With GiveCard

Lurein Perera


Uplift stands out as a multigenerational, all-women-led national nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to transforming the lives of women and children, particularly those facing crisis situations. With Founder and Executive Director Angie Heuck at the helm, Uplift's mission is to provide immediate, unconditional financial assistance to women in need, meaning that the funds are given without imposing any limits or restraints on its usage. A core belief is that agile giving is crucial when dealing with urgent circumstances, and Uplift embodies that by responding within 72 hours upon receipt of an application.

“Something that’s been made clear is how many women are one step away from crises. Whether it be an unexpected car repair, a medical issue, or groceries costing more - we know that every single dollar counts.”
-Founding Board Member, Lark Lewis

In the search for a distribution partner, Angie sought someone who not only shared Uplift’s beliefs in agile giving, but also provided open communication channels for support and generated valuable data to draw insights from. After conducting thorough interviews, Uplift found a reliable ally in Givecard, a forward-thinking payment platform committed to building accessible payment rails for organizations focused on social impact.

The Problem

One of the primary challenges Uplift faced was the need to find a funding distribution partner who not only understood the mission, but also operated with efficiency- the urgency of Uplift’s work meant that they could not afford any delays in delivering financial assistance to women in crisis.

Measuring Success

Uplift's success is measured by two primary metrics.

-Ease of Disbursement: The effectiveness of swiftly delivering funds to participants from the administrative perspective.

-Relief from Crisis: How many recipients of funds actually find relief from their current crisis.

Impact of the GiveCard Partnership

Since partnering with Givecard, Uplift has experienced a significant positive impact on its operations and social impact efforts:

-From launch, fund distributions have always been delivered and made accessible instantly.

-Uplift has seen a 34% increase in approved applications and relief provided successfully to women since going live with Givecard.

Uplift are now able to approve 50% of applications.
“This grant is helping me and my babies from losing our home. By helping my babies and I, we now have the confidence in getting caught up, which is also a blessing. We appreciate the help we are receiving. Thank you all for being an amazing organization to help women.”
-Grant Recipient, Texas

Expanding Social Impact Through GiveCard

The partnership with GiveCard has not only addressed Uplift's immediate needs but also expanded their ability holistically support women who are part of the program:

Trauma-Informed, Multi-lingual Support: GiveCard's support team was able to support cardholders from the moment they got their card in the mail. They were able to clarify questions and uncertainty from cardholders and ensure that all women were able to access their funds, and secure their vulnerable funds safely in times of crisis.

Mutual Growth: Uplift’s partnership with GiveCard allowed them to stay true to their mission with full confidence that GiveCard would take their feedback on ways to improve and iterate on an already impactful platform. It was clear to the Uplift team that the shared goal was to grow mutually- Uplift in terms of dollar-for-dollar impact, and GiveCard in terms of building payments that make a difference.

Through their partnership with GiveCard, Uplift has been able to stay true to their mission in provide immediate financial assistance to women in crisis. This partnership has not only streamlined Uplift's operations, but has also expanded their larger goal of empowering more women to overcome their most challenging circumstances.

“What I imagined was a community like ours sharing a commitment to something that is much greater than we are. A community of women and their allies turning heartache into healing, uplifting others during their most vulnerable moment of crisis.”

Founder, Angie Heuck